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Irish Tattoo Designs – Know The Culture and Traditions of the Irish

By Michael Trott

Tribal Irish Clover | Copyright 2011

Tribal Irish CloverCopyright 2011

Curious about Irish tattoos?

There are several diverse influences in the Irish culture. Its rich artistic traditions and the poignant, spiritual, and much colorful culture make the Irish tattoo designs remarkable.

There are great Irish tattoo designs that describe the Irish culture best. From it’s heritage, its practices and the people. The most popular of all theses designs would be the Celtic cross design. For you to appreciate the Iris culture more, here are several of Irish meaningful tattoo designs:

Celtic Cross Tattoos

Primarily, the Celtic culture is mostly influenced by the Irish practices and traditions. Throughout Europe, specifically in the British Isles, the Celts Catholicism. And a way to represent it is with the beautiful Celtic Cross. These Celtic cross designs are usually designed with bold and black images. Thus, making its historic design the most sought after tattoo designs even today.

Irish Clover

Another famous design for Irish tattoo is the symbol of good luck, the Irish clover or the shamrock. Its prominent trademark is its shades of green. You can choose what shade suits your eyes and your complexion. Whether its dark or light shade Irish clover, it’s widely popular across the world.

Irish Flags

For the patriots, Irish flag tattoos are more popular. It symbolizes their pride on their heritage, where they come from and how they fought and live freely today.

Celtic Knots

The Celts have greatly influenced the Irish not only in the spiritual side but with their traditions as well. Celts are rich with works of art which are represented mostly by Irish traditions. Celtic knot design signifies spiritual infinity and immortality. This Celtic inspired Irish tattoo designs can be represented with different infinite patterns from the animals heads, tails and limbs.

What each Irish tattoo design embodies makes it unique from other tattoo design. Now you can start choosing from Irish tattoo designs and wear that design with pride knowing it has deeper meaning of one of the oldest and richest cultures in the history.

If you are looking for a wide variety of tattoo designs to select from, then I strongly suggest you check out this huge collection of Irish tattoos.

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