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Tattoo Designs and Locations for Men Plus Most Frequently Asked Tattoo Questions Answered

By: Peter Brat

Tattoos have been around for a very long time and the popularity is still very much increasing. So if you are thinking of getting tattooed but still have some questions unanswered, here are some facts for you.

Does it hurt?

One fear about the tattooing process is the pain that one has to undergo. Just how much does it hurt? Well, fact is the pain really depends one each individual’s pain tolerance and which part of the body you will get tattooed. Generally, the flesher areas of the body hurt less than the bony areas like rib cage and foot.

What designs to go for?

Deciding on what design to choose for your body ink is a crucial step as this can make or break the whole experience. It is therefore best to spend time and effort in going through this so you would not regret it in the end. It is always best to go for a design that you can live with for the rest of your life, some thing that illustrates your personality or pose some significance to your life. If your tattoo has stories to tell, that makes it more attractive and sexy.

The most popular tat designs for men nowadays are mostly images that represent strength, courage and bravery like dragons, koi fish, tribal art, pin-up girl, angels, cross and skull. The most preferred body parts to get inked are the arms, especially the sleeve tattoo theme, chest, back, rib cage.

How much does it cost?

These mostly depends on the size of the design you want to be inked on you and of course, the artist you are going to worked with. Just remember that when it comes to your tattoo, if you want it perfect and presentable, do not be afraid to shell out some money. As they say, good tattoos aren’t cheap.

Check out Tattoo Designs for Men for more designs and ideas. You can also visit Printable Tattoo Designs to find out where you can download thousands of high quality tat art.

Article Source:  Tattoo Designs and Locations for Men Plus Most Frequently Asked Tattoo Questions Answered


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